Elko County CourthouseElko County is the second-largest county by area in Nevada, and the fourth-largest in the United States. At 17,203 square miles, such an open space provides Elko citizens and passerby a varied landscape of mountains, hills, valleys, ranch and rangeland. The cold season averages between -below 0 º to 25º, while the hot season averages at about 79 º. Midway between Reno and Salt Lake City, and bordering Idaho and Utah, Elko County is seated perfectly for a blend of rural industry, small town life, and a not-so-distant city connection. The Shoshone Paiute Tribes of Duck Valley Reservation occupy 289,819 acres, straddling the Nevada-Idaho border.

History tells us that “Sixty years ago Lowell Thomas called Elko ‘the last real Cowtown in the American West,’ and until about 15 years ago that was still a good thumbnail description.”1 Today agriculture and recreational fishing and hunting is still prevalent in Elko County, although it has decreased in total jobs. Meanwhile mining and oil/gas extraction, along with even retail trade, have offered an increase in jobs in recent years, as well as billions of dollars in gold and silver mining production alone.

1. Toll, David. http://nevadaweb.com/cnt/cc/elko/

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